FILM selection – program 2018 overview

Forteca International Film Festival Perast 2018, Montenegro

between 26-30 July 2018

On the occasion of the second

Forteca International Film Festival Perast Montenegro, in cooperation with the Balkan New Film Festival Nordic and the SNOWE Project, we have the pleasure to invite you to

the Second FIFFP

between 26-30thJuly 2018,

at Perast, Montenegro.

FIFFP competition film selection supports and promotes new film production, now talents, together with women participation in Film industry around the world. Our goals are narration about identity, nation, history, resistance and challenges that new film as media and filmmakers are exposed. It will accomplish a mission to encourage and promote independent filmmakers from North Europa and around the world.

This edition is dedicated to 100 years of Swedish-Montenegro and Serbian diplomatic relationtogether with Bergman’s 100 years Anniversary. FIFFP special guest for this year isJan Göranssonhead of press and media from Swedish Film Institute.

Program overview

Thursday, 26 July 2018

location:Museum Perast

19.00 Festival opening (doc.short section)

19.15 Čarobnjak iz Mutanja / Wizard from Mutanj,

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2018, documentary, 56′, with English subtitles

director Branko Lazić

The Last Church Bells, FYR Macedonia 2017, short film 13′, director Nikolche Popevski, silent film

location:Trg Perast

21.00 Official Festival opening Eve

21.15 Den allvarsamma leken/ A Serious Game,

Sweden, 2016, drama, 115′, with English subtiles

director Pernilla August

Arn- Tempelriddaren/ Arn – The Knight Templar,

Sweden and multi country, 2007, historical drama, action, 139′, with English subtitles

Director Peter Flinth

Friday, 27 July 2018

location:Museum Perast

15.00 Panel – Swedish film todaywith the Festival guests Jan Göransson, Swedish Film Inistitute SFI – Press Chef, and Anna Lönn Franco – filmmaker

19.00The Journalist and the Jihadi

documentary, 2007, India, USA, 78’, with English subtitles

director Ramesh Sarma

location:Trg Perast

21.00 Stålkrigarinnor / Iron Warrioresses/Čelične ratnice,

Sweden/Serbia 2018, drama, 80′, with English subtitles

director Jelena Mila, Q&A with the film team

Utvandrarna / The Emigrants,

Sweden, 1971, drama, 191′, with English subtitles

director Jan Troell

Saturday, 28 July 2018

location:Gospa od Škrpjela (assembling at Marina for a boat trip 18.00)

19.00Krugovi/ Circles,

short film, 2018, Serbia, 14’15”, silent film with English subtiles,

director Katarina Krstic Q&A with FESTIVAL GUEST

Aplauz za Lazića/ Applause for Lazic

short film, 2017, Serbia, 23’36’, with English subtitles

director Marko Marković.

Pa tru eshte qielli / Heaven has been fooled

short film, 2017, Albania, 13’33’’, with English subtitles

director Odeta Cunaj

location:Trg Perast

21.00 Sommarnattens leende/ Smiles of a Summer Night,

Sweden, 1955, comedy, 108′, with Serbian-Montenegrin subtitles

director Ingmar Bergman Q&A with Jan Göransson – SFI Press Chef FESTIVAL GUEST


India, 2018, 72′, Bengali – silent film

director Aneek Chaudhuri

Sunday, 29 July 2018

location:Museum Perast

15.00 Panel – Bergman today, with the Festival Guest Jan Göransson SFI Press Chef


documentary, 2016, Serbia, Montenegro 41′, with English subtitles

director Miljan Gogic

Тихи Кутак Христов/ A Quiet Nook Of Christ’s

documentary, 2017, Serbia, Montenegro, 29’, with English subtitles

director Radisav Jevrić, Q&A with Ivana Kostic – producer FESTIVAL GUEST

location:Trg Perast

21.00 All Inclusive

Sweden, 2017, comedy, 93’, with English subtitles

director Karin Fahlén


Ustav Republike Hrvatske / The Constitution

Croatia, 2016, comedy, drama, 93′, with English subtitles

director Rajko Grlic

Monday, 30 July 2018

location:Museum Perast

19.00 Egg, Haaah, Poetry 2, Poetry 3, The Field, The Sauna

short movies, 2005-2018, Sweden 10’, with English subtitles

director Anna Lönn Franko Q&A with the FESTIVAL GUEST

Möte om eftermiddagen / Afternoon encounter,

novell film, Sweden, 2017, drama, 45’, with English subtitles

director Åsa Kalmér

location:Trg Perast

21.00 Måste Gitt,

Sweden 2017, comedy, drama 97’, with Serbian-Montenegrin subtitles

director Ivica Zubak


Na mlečnom putu / On the Milky Road,

Serbia, UK, USA, 2017, comedy, drama, 125′, with English subtitles

director Emir Kusturica

A warm welcome to the Second Forteca International Film Festival Perast! program, last news and info)


FIFFP is being organized in collaboration with:

  • Swedish Institute
  • Swedish Film Institute
  • M.A.M.M.A. production
  • Justin Theatre Production
  • ABF Stockholm
  • Stockholm City
  • Balkan New Film Festival in Stockholm
  • Swedish Embassy in Belgrade
  • Yugoslav Film Archive, KinotekaBelgrade and Montenegro
  • Film Centers in Montenegro, Serbia, Bosina and Hercegovina, Macedonia and internationally
  • Foteca Perast Associtaion

supported by:


Swedish Embassy Belgrade, TOK, TOB, Grad Kotor, MZ Perast, Gospa od Skrpjela, Conte restoran i hotel, stamparija Perast,

Warm regards from Adriatic pearl Perast

Jelena Mila

Festvial director

Aleksandra Simeunovic

Festival co-ordinator