Croatia, 2018, drama, 73′, Croatian with English subtitles

Reveerend Miran is preparing the children for the Rite of Confirmation. One of them, named Goran, admires the relaxed priest,whotakes him and drives around on his powerted motorcyckle. However,other boys think that Goran and the priest are in homosexual relationship, and punish Goran by severe beating.

A new Confirmation candidate Gabrijel, becomes the new favorite of Miran.The Bishop dismisses Miran, and parents forbid their children to contact with the priest.

At the evening, the young confirmees, all drunk, beat the priest.

And we are leftin our reflection, – is he realy pedophile, and how does society regard pedophilia. 

Director: Branko Schmidt

Production company: TELEFILM D.O.O

Cast: Goran Bogdan, Pavle Čemerikić, Denis Murić