Master Class & MONTEZZA SELECTION & Južni potez/ Southern Move,


12.00 MASTER CLASS – with the Festival guests, regional filmmakers and film students

(CONTE restaurant)



Montezza selection – short films about Boka and Montenegro – film Ranka Maraša

second film:

Južni potez/ Southern Move, 2018, documentary, Bosnia and Hercegovina, 55′

On October 10, 1995, the entire territory of the municipality of Mrkonjic Grad in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was occupied in an offensive called “Southern Move” which was carried out by the regular Croatian Army from the Republic of Croatia and Croatian Defense Council from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The occupation lasted until February 5, 1996, when the city and the territory of the municipality were returned to the Republic of Srpska based on the provisions of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Units of Croatian Army and Croatian Defense Council completely devastated the city and the surrounding villages and made unprecedented crimes against humanity, leaving behind the largest mass grave of the Serbian people in the past war in the Orthodox cemetery in Mrkonjic Grad, where 181 bodies of victims were exhumed.

Director Milan Petković

Production Company: Radio-televizija Republike Srpske

Producer: Aleksandar Šević