Flocken/ Flocking

Flocken/ Flocking

Sweden 2015, drama 110′, Swedish with English subtitle


Међу младима се дешавају разне игре, али када игра пређе у збиљу и прерасте у силовање, умешају се и родитељи, тада социјалне разлике одређују морално и правно решење проблема.


A small Swedish community which seems idyllic on the surface. But when 15-year-old Jennifer claims to have been raped by a schoolmate, everything changes.  The rumour rapidly spreads throughout the community.  And more and more people are convinced that Jennifer is lying.  This is the beginning of a stirred up lynch chase in which an entire community turns against a young girl and her family.


A brutal collective where evidence and decisions of court mean nothing and where grown up people lay down  their own rules and laws.  Nothing is going too far.  The only thing that matters is sticking with the flock.


director Beata Gårdeler ,

production: 2afilm AB

cast: Fatime Azemi, John Risto, Eva Melander, Malin Levanon, Henrik Dorsin