Forteca International Film Festival Perast 2023, 26-30 July – WELCOME!

On the occasion of the Seventh

Forteca International Film Festival  Montenegro, in cooperation with the Balkan Nordic Film Festival and the SNOWE Project,

we have the pleasure to invite your film to the

FIFF Perast Montenegro

between 26-30th July 2023,

at Piazza Perast, Museum Perast Montenegro, Our Lady of the Rocks, Conte restaurant, with more.



FIFFP supports and promotes new film production, now talents, together with women participation in Film industry around the world. Forteca (Fortezza in Latin languages) means Fortress, so our targets are narration about identity, nation, history, resistance and challenges, boundaries and shapes that new authors film as media extends. It will accomplish a mission to encourage and promote global and local filmmaking from European perspective with focus on Nordic filmmakers.

FIFFP is a natural extension to the Balkans Nordic Film Festival (BaNeFF) which is running 12 years, together with BaNeFF doc:short and SNOWE which hosts films from Balkan region, in the Nordic countries. It is time to recoup this relation and see international movies from Nordic perspective hosted in Balkan, Perast.

More information about the Festival can be found at

A warm welcome at the Seventh Forteca International Film Festival Perast!



+38163228757 (viber, whats up)

+46703321201(viber, whats up)


FIFFP is being organized in collaboration with:

  • Swedish Institute
  • Swedish Film Institute
  • M.A.M.M.A. production
  • Justin Theatre Production
  • ABF Stockholm
  • Stockholm City
  • Balkan New Film Festival in Stockholm
  • Swedish Embassy in Belgrade
  • Yugoslav Film Archive, KinotekaBelgrade
  • Film Centers in Montenegro, Serbia, Bosina and Hercegovina, Macedonia and internationally
  • Foteca Perast AssocitaionWith support:Turistička organizacija KotorGrad Kotor

    Filmski centar Crne Gore


    Local organizations:

    Mesna zajednica Perast

    Katolička crkva Perast

    Pravoslavna crkva Perast

    Conte Restaurant and Hotel

    Centar za Kulturu Kotor

    Turistička organizacija Cetinje

    Dom kulture Berane


Warm regards from Adriatic pearl Perast

Jelena Mila

Festvial director