KCNS film program director Djordje Kacanski and Jelena Mila Festival director

NORDIC PANORAMA – FIFFP 2022, in NOVI SAD – European Capital of Culture 2022

Foretca International Film Festival – Nordic panorama at Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture 2022, at Cultural center Novi Sad, Katolicka porta 5 Novi Sad.
PROGRAM – December 29th

14.00 Dronning uten land / Queen Without Land Norway, 2017 Documentary, 70’, with English subtitles, director Asgeir Helgestad

Opening ceremony, with guests and hosts words about the actuel situation in Nordic film

16.00 The Butterfly Swing, Danmark, 2020, drama, 102, with English subtitles.

18.00 Tuntematon sotilas/The Unknown Soldier
Finland, 2017, drama, war, 133′, Finnish with English subtitles
Director: Aku Louhimies

20.30 Utvandrarna / The Emigrants Swedish, 2021, historical drama, 148’, with English subtitles. Director Erik Poppe

FIFFP supports and promotes new film distribution, now talents, together with women participation in Film industry around the world. Forteca (Fortezza in Latin languages) means Fortress, so our targets are narration about identity, nation, history, resistance and challenges, boundaries and shapes that new authors film as media extends. It will accomplish a mission to encourage and promote global and local filmmaking from European perspective with focus on Nordic filmmakers.
This year we choose to screen Nordic movies in Nordic panorama as part of FIFFP 2022 tour in Balkan countries. Since we got last days of the European Cultural Capital year in Novi Sad 2022, as part of closing ceremony. During one day we presented four films from Nordic countries. Norwegian film and the Festival guest was filmmaker Asgeir Helgestad together with Danica Acimovic – PhD and lecturer in Cinema Studies from Novi Sad.

Program was supported by: Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian Film Institutes and embassies in Belgrade, М.А.М.М.А. production, Јustin Theatre Production, ABF Stockholm, Stockholm City, Balkan Nordic Film Festival (www.baneff.com), and local collaborators.

Our collaborators at Panorama of Nordic Films are: CKNS and film program editor Đorđe Kaćanski, Serbian National Theater and Zoran Đerić, the embassies of the Nordic countries in Serbia – Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland with film centers from the mentioned countries: film centers in the Balkans,
but also collaborators at FIFFP in Montenegro- Tourist Organization Kotor, Film Center of Montenegro, Cinematheque of Montenegro, Local Community of Perast, Catholic Church of Perast, Museum of Perast, Center for Culture Kotor, Tourist Organization of Cetinje, House of Culture of Berane, Orthodox Church of Perast, Hotel KONTE Perast.