Do Balchak / To the Hilt

Do Balchak / To the Hilt

Macedonia 2015, historical drama action 165′, Macedonian, French,

English, Turkish with English subtitles


Македонија, мала земља у срцу Балкана, била је 500 година под окупацијом Отомана (Турaка). Почетком двадесетог века траје пост-револуција ослобођења.


Macedonia, a small country in the heart of the Balkans, is five hundred years under the Turkish yoke. The action takes place in the bloody postrevolutionary period after 1903, more precisely in the first decade of the 20th century. “To the Hilt” is a love quadrangle between a cruel though romantic rebel, a merciless naturalized Turkish officer, an educated wealthy father’s son and a lucid, spoiled but avantgarde European woman who wants to have three of them wrapped around her little finger. The film unveils a harsh though romantic story in which the eternal Macedonian cause for own identity and independence is seen from the angle of illusion and relativity of freedom, justice, love, happiness, sacrifice, frauds and treason. All experienced with catharsis that rises up to the hilt. To be more precise, all of the action is marked with the typical Balkans paradox lifted up to the level of the undisputed philosophical maxima: “Fuck life if you are not ready to die for it”.


Director: Stole Popov

Production Company: Triangle Film, Fx3x, Sector Film

Producer: Dancho Chevrevski

Cast: Inti Sraj, Martin Jordanovski, Sashko Kocev, Toni Mihajlovski, Miki

Manojlovic, Iskra Veterova, Nikola Kojo, Senko Velinov, Nikola Ristanovski